About Us

 3Care Norway Braatvag Fish Oil for Doctors Wholesale Private labeling Ultimate Omega-3

3 Care Therapeutics is a new company with deep roots in the nutrition industry. Our Norwegian omega-3 manufacturing partner has been producing the world’s finest fish oil products for over 20 years and is one of the only companies in the world that has a pharmaceutical-grade licensed facility. Our omega-3 formulas are consistently pure and great-tasting, and the levels of active ingredients are accurately expressed. Like all fish oil-derived products (cod liver oil being the only exception), our raw material is a byproduct of the South Pacific fishing industry. The byproducts of fish caught in the deep, cold, clean ocean depth off the coasts of Chile and Peru are sent to Bratvag, Norway, where they are converted into the world’s finest medicinal omega-3 fatty acids.

Our management team combines four decades of experience in creating efficacious, safe, professional-grade nutraceutical formulas. The entire team at 3 Care Therapeutics is pleased and honored to provide your clinic with the finest natural therapeutics available so that you can make a tremendous impact on the health of your patients.

About Our Fish Oil

Our fish oil is sourced from Marine Ingredients AS, a leading manufacturer of superior quality marine ingredients, with a primary focus on Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish. We offer a full range of fish oils including minimally processed, highly refined and molecularly distilled. All products are produced by Marine Ingredients AS in a pharmaceutical drug-license and GMP registered facility, and meet or exceed all domestic and international standards for purity and potency.

With our products, your consumers will enjoy all the health benefits of fish oil without unpleasant odor or taste. It’s an appealing difference you can measure in off-the-shelf velocity.


Respect for the ocean guides how we extract its treasures. Every step we take in processing we dedicate equally to production efficiency and sustainability of resources.


Products and Processes

We avoid harsh or harmful processing. Our manufacturers quality control and manufacturing processes meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards. We take extra measures every step of the way, from rigorous raw material selection (less than 5% of available material is considered suitable), to handling with extraordinary care and speed to prevent spoilage during production.

We use third party batch testing to assure our customers of the purest and best quality. Eurofins, one of the world’s leading analytical labs for testing fatty acids, examines each individual batch of our oil for environmental contaminants.

From The Manufacturer:

Purity you can taste. Quality you can trust.

Among leading brand marketers, We are known to set the industry standard in quality production of Omega-3 capsules and bottled liquids. We uphold our reputation with the most comprehensive, batch-documented independent third-party analysis. Our product purity exceeds all domestic and international standards. Building for the future, we continue to develop innovative technologies that will drive the industry forward.

For your business, we provides a winning formula: superior tasting, odorless, (with low TOTOX) Omega-3 fish oils, backed by our commitment to independent testing, plus extensive customer support. It all adds up to your powerful advantage in a competitive marketplace.

3RD Party Testing

Our product purity is proven by the most rigorous, certified, independent third-party batch testing in the world. Every batch of oil we produce is tested for over 250 environmental contaminants. None of our competitors test every single batch of oil as extensively, for as many environmental contaminants… most test only a few times per year for a limited number of contaminants. 

For example, each batch of our  Fish Oil is tested for:

  • 220 Pesticides
  • 6 Heavy metals
  • 7 Marker PCBs
  • 15 Dioxins & Furan
  • 12 Dioxin-like PCBs